How to Fill Your Activities

Learn how to run an effective Facebook ad campaign to fill your activities with inactive people

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Are you frustrated with how to reach and engage inactive people?

Are you tired of running your promotion with posters and leaflets, only to have the same active people turn up to your sessions?

By taking this online training programme, you will learn how to reach the inactive people you want through Facebook Ad campaigns, and how to engage them in your activities.

In this training programme you will learn:

  • how to write an effective Facebook Ad
    • language to use
    • the type of images that work, and those that don't
    • how to get people to take action after seeing your ad
    • how to craft the ideal offer to attract your audience
  • how to set up your ad in the Facebook Ads system
  • How to target your ads to reach
    • inactive people
    • women and girls
    • people from deprived wards
    • people with Long Term Health Conditions
    • disabled people
    • over 55s
    • 16 to 25s
  • How to respond to enquiries
    • what to include in your responses to get the maximum number of people turning up


Included with these lessons are proven templates to help you get started quickly.

Your Instructor

John Ainsworth
John Ainsworth

John has been running campaigns to engage inactive people in sport and activity for 13 years. He was Campaigns Manager for Sport England, running their campaigns to engage inactive people. Then in 2008 he set up Make Sport Fun to continue that mission of supporting councils, CSPs, NGBs, charities and other organisations delivering physical activity sessions for inactive people. He is certified by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, has run marketing campaigns for over 100 organisations in sport and activity and has engaged over 20,000 inactive people through those campaigns. Based on this experience he created a training workshop. Up till now he has been delivering it in person and trained over 2000 people. To make it even more accessible he has made it into this online training programme.